Race Across America

race across america headerThis show will tackle the racial divide in our country in a unique way, that gives a voice to the voiceless with the intention of creating awareness and change, that can lead to the healing our nation has been seeking for centuries. We will have the tough - but necessary conversations.

The hosts will be LaMarcus Tinker & Paul D White.

lamarcus tinkerLaMarcus Tinker was born in Houston, Texas, and was raised by his grandparents. At the age of 8, he lost his grandfather. At that moment, he realized that it was up to him to continue on his grandfather’s legacy and spirit in life, not by what he says, but by what he does.

Tinker went to West Briar Middle School, where he studied theater. Even in sixth grade, he wanted to be a director but was interested in all aspects of theater, including acting, writing, and other areas of the arts. As a result, he participated in a multitude of school programs. He later attended the NBCA Academy, where he continued his activities in theater and graduated as class Salutatorian. After graduation from NBCA Academy, he received a full academic scholarship to the University of Texas, Arlington, where he studied English. However, the arts and helping people were where his heart was.

Tinker joined the cast of "Friday Night Lights" in September 2009, playing Dallas Tinker, a small-town football player. He had initially gone to the shoot to support two of his friends who had landed work as extras on the show, taking the bus with them from Houston to Austin. He met the show's Executive Producer, Peter Berg, who was directing the episode being filmed and unexpectedly found himself acting in a scene with two of the show's regulars. The series was filmed using three cameras, without rehearsal and extensive blocking. Tinker later recalled, "It was cameras up, let's go. I did it, and he liked it." Two days later, the plans for the show's fourth season were being adjusted to include a new character, Dallas. He was a recurring character for that season, and for the final, fifth one. This was just the beginning of God’s plans for Tinker.

In August 2010, Tinker signed on for the second season of the ABC comedy, “Cougar Town,” as a recurring character named Kevin. He portrayed the college roommate of Travis Cobb (Dan Byrd), the son of the series protagonist, Jules Cobb (Courtney Cox). Tinker was cast for the third season of the hit Fox musical dramedy, “Glee”, as Shane, the long-promised boyfriend for Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley).

After a decade in the film business, Tinker decided to step behind the camera. Tinker is a film producer, and the owner of M&M Filmz Inc. and Scoot Productions, LLC. He is an Executive Producer/Director on over 12 successful independent feature films, including documentaries, commercials, and much more. Tinker decided to use this platform to help others in his community have success and more options than what we're being presented. Tinker always said, "The only way someone will believe their dreams are possible, is if they know someone personally that came from their environment and made it the right way."

LaMarcus stated "Racism in America has been our countries deep dark secret, that we have tried to suppress and forget but there is only so much we can hide before things erupt. Just because its's 2020 doesn't mean that we have overcome racism or fixed those wounds because true healing comes from acknowledgment, validation, and work. There seems to be a disconnect between the oppressed and the oppressors but I plan to call it out and confront it on the show because unity is necessary but the truth comes first."

paul whitePaul White was raised in the metropolitan Detroit area, attended college at Florida State and Eastern Michigan University on basketball scholarships, and has a Masters degree in Education Administration. Post-college work as a concrete contractor led White to a 26-year career as a public school teacher/principal in 9 different school districts, specializing in transforming the lives of the most high-risk, minority youth, including gang members, addicts, and chronic offenders. White earned a national reputation for re-inventing the way schools function, creating campuses that were high achieving for ALL students, drug-free, respectful, and had consistent racial harmony. His work in getting kids to identify themselves on a higher level than skin color or culture was chosen as one of the Top 5 Stories of the Year by PEOPLE Magazine and NBC national news. White has authored dozens of articles on improving schools and race relations, and is the author of "White's Rules - Saving Our Youth, One Kid at a Time." He's been blessed with a marriage to the love of his life for over 40 years. The following quotes define him.

Paul White Believes:

"I'm for Truth, no matter WHO tells it.
I'm for Justice, no matter WHO it's for or against."
(Malcolm X)

"...extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice... moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."
(Barry Goldwater)

"There is no RIGHT way to do the WRONG thing." (Jesse Wilson)

I believe that the Final Battle will not be White over Black or Black over White.
It will be Good over evil -Truth over error - Light over darkness."